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Requirements for obtaining an Australian visa

Therefore, you are strictly complying with the requirements for obtaining an Australian visa and are worried that you will get into trouble, and this process will make every step more difficult. Well, now you can forget about being nervous. Applying for an Australian visa is much easier than you think. Did you know you can apply online? This is the operation method and the prepared documents.

1. Prepare the passport of your country/region. If your passport expires in six months or less, please renew it before preparing other requirements to obtain an Australian visa.

2. Request a copy of your diploma. This should be your highest degree. Americans must provide at least a high school diploma, while residents of Chile, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia must provide a high school diploma.

Upload a copy of Form 1163i. Check whether your application requires a doctor’s certificate. Keep in mind that the requirements may vary, depending on where you have lived in the past five years and the type of work you will be doing in Australia. If necessary, perform a physical examination and ask your doctor to prepare a report that can be presented to immigration officials.

Get health insurance during your visit to Australia. If you have enough money to do it, please purchase long-term insurance that can be used online.

Prepare a police statement. You can live in one of every place you have lived in the past 12 months.

Call the Australian immigration office in your country. The inquiry may apply to any special or additional requirements you have. Make sure to ask about the payment methods they accept.

7. Print and fill out Form 1208. This is the work and vacation visa application form available from the website of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

8. Make a certified copy of each page of the passport. Don’t forget to take two passport photos.

9. Prepare all the above documents. Then send them together with a certified copy of your passport and a payment of $195 to the Australian Immigration Office near you. Remember to include a certified copy, not the passport itself.

After drafting and submitting the Australian visa requirements, it was the most difficult step in the whole process: waiting. You must wait for approval before performing any operation. On the other hand, you don’t need a visa to stamp your passport. The electronic visa confirmation letter has been sent to the border authorities. good luck!